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First off, because we are not a pay 2 win server. There is not any sort of free sandbags or laser mines that the V.I.P gets just because he is a V.I.P. Our V.I.P system is still decent, you can enjoy it as much as you want.

Second, We don't place people into the management roles just because they paid some money, In other words, anyone can get the role with some effort.

Third, We have some cool stuff in our servers, like zombie plague game modes which you might have seen if you are a regular or the de_dust2 Special rounds. Even a decent ammo packs system which makes it challenging. We are not literally aiming to build a server where dick heads can buy V.I.P and camp with the best weapon and a sandbag every single round. We are aiming to keep the server hosted with skilled players who can actually compete with us rather than some faggots who buy V.I.P to get some score and rank feasting on boost players which are absolutely boring as fuck. HOW DO YOU EVEN PLAY THOSE TRASH ASS SERVER? YOU FUCK FACES. HOW DO YOU EVEN ENJOY FEASTING ON USELESS PLAYERS WHO HAVE 60 FPS AND CAN'T EVEN BHOP

Forth, a server manager is a server manager, a head admin is a head admin and so on. They have access to their server files, they can manage their own admins and staff, even the maps. they have access to the fast download FTP along with the control panel. Mostly the decisions are back to them, they can add suggestion and so stuff if they know how to do so. they don't sleep waiting for the owner to do shit for them, or even decide it. however as decided after the TheONEAndTheONLY incident, we decided not to give access to people unless they are trusted, we actually give them a trial and see how they will do, after that they get their access to the entire server.

Fifth, We always expand, It's not like we are sticking to a single game.

6th, There are contests which you can participate in and get some cool perks, even weekly events most each week for the sake of the fun, we are not greedy ass wonks.

7th, There is always something new, we never stop creating new stuff.

8th, Our Developers are our developers. not some bitch ass nigga who gets paid to just do some stuff which you tell him to do and then sleep the rest of the time. then keeps you as a useless fuck. they do handle the servers and update em, they don't wait for money or any kind of that shit. at least they don't milk you.

9th, This is not a clan. You are free to play anywhere else, or even to have admin somewhere else. we will not cry about it.

10th, we have an alien who came from gaygam3rs called @Crooked
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Btw just so u guys know, lgk is labeled as pay2win before i got here, so its gonna be hard to remove that assumption from us, we just gotta keep trying to get ppl to play here.