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Why is the server down?

Lord. Death.
The server currently is under DDOS attack, There will be announce once the server is back on.

LGK Rebel Contest

Rebel Contest!

I'm happy to announce our first Rebel Contest since the merge with LGK. This event will take place on
Saturday, February 23rd 8:00 P.M - 9:00 P.M EST.


- The map will be jb_snow map time will be set to 60 minutes.
- Shop will be disabled.
- Gang Perks will be disabled.
- CTs will be required to use the map, but will be allowed one cage activity to thin the Ts out.
- If a terrorist is freekilled they will be quick revived and not given a freeday.
- There will be no first day freeday.
- No special days.
- Ghosting will result in a one hour ban.


- Cage Activity Kill [ 1 Point ]
- Goomba Stomp [ 2 Points ]
- Last Request Kill [ 3 Points ]
- Rebel Kill [ 6 Points ]


The guards will be put together on a first come first serve basis. Please reply to the thread or PM me if you want to be a CT. Keep in mind, the CT must follow all of the rules. If we know that on CT you constantly freekill and don't use the map, you're not going to be a CT. Be prepared to call days, think of them ahead of time. We have 7 slots.




1st Place - 10,000 Gold + $20 Paypal (Funded by @Yolo)
2nd Place - 7,500 Gold
3rd Place - 5,000 Gold

( Prizes will be announced a day later so we have time to review the demo and see who won )
Good Luck!

Server IP & More

Lord. Death.
I guess it's a good time to make the announcement since the server is fully ready.
If you are looking for the IP only. it's at the end of the post.
With the new server comes new stuff & some of the old stuff gets deleted.
Extra items
For the extra items, few items are getting removed for now such as
  • Balrog m249 (7)
  • Voilen
  • Flame xm1014
  • Silver m4a1
  • No recoil
Those items are mostly removed because having them with the current items might cause a problem, sooner or later we will have new extra items
those items are new/renewed.
  • Golden AK47 (It's limited to 2 per team now and you can only buy 1 per round. you can't buy both aks and give the rest of the team a dick.)
  • Frost MP5 (New - This gun is Frost m4a1 modified to avoid damage glitches.)
  • Weapon M16 (This gun has 2 abilities - No-Recoil & a whole map gun. which means if u buy it and choose M4a1 from the weapon menu you will get M16 )
  • RockGuitar, Golden Deagle, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Those items remain. (Sawn-off shotgun contains unlimited clip.)
  • T-Virus (This item is limited now, the entire team has 5 only. and if there is low human count, the item will show as unavailable.)
Zombie Classes.
  • Zombie Classes remain the same. soon we will have a fixed climber, I'm trying to get it fixed.
  • V.I.P(s) can't stack sandbags for now (it will be edited soon)
  • V.I.P(s) don't get free extra items anymore.
  • Zombie Plague V.I.P Info
    • Discount on all important extra items. there won't be free items from now on.
    • With the free extra items for V.I.P getting removed. you will get a chance to have exclusive items for V.I.P(s) as those items will be in beta phase before getting added to public extra items. and once those items are public you will get discount.
    • Sandbags are way stronger now, therefore you won't be able to stack.
    • You will get extra HP/AmmoPacks/Frags for killing/damaging/infecting players.
    • We might add a special command for VIPs which allows getting free items by spinning a wheel or something like that (this will be discussed later)
    • You might get a V.I.P private skin just like admins (this will be discussed later)
    • V.I.P(s) will have a glow command and few fancy stuff like say sounds.
Ammo Packs
  • With the new server, you will lose all of your ammo packs. there will be a thread to get yours back.
  • Ammo packs are slightly harder now.
  • Non-Steam will get new Steam-ID/Auth-ID. Steam users will have the same Steam-ID as the old server, but I don't know who is steam and whose not. so you will follow the thread like anyone else.
Map list
  • Those maps are proved to be working fine without any problems :
  • Each map has 8 maps cd.
  • zm_lgk_blueroom_remake2
  • zm_downtown
  • zm_zod_abyss
  • zm_mechanix_v2
  • zm_lgk_stonedust2
  • zm_lgk_laser
  • zm_lgk_hood
  • zm_zod_fortuna
  • zm_zod_hideout
  • zm_lgk_laboratory_v3
  • zm_egypt
  • zm_evildust_2017
  • zm_franqeeto_gov2
  • zm_gNight_evildust
  • zm_gNight_kabal
  • zm_gNight_nightmare
  • zm_snow_vk4


  • Please send me or Macho your Steam-ID (From the new server)
  • For some reason Show keys is hidden unless you enable it with command "/keys"
  • Extra items can't be used before round start (This doesn't apply to V.I.P Extra items).
  • Antidote can't be used by the first zombie.
  • Vote mode menu is added to the zombie plague admin menu.
  • starting a game mode manually doesn't cause a server crash anymore.
  • name & steam-ID is added to the menu.
  • Fake players/ bots can't join/connect anymore.
  • Ban system is changed.
  • Skybox is changed. and it will be renewed from time to time
  • There is no Dproto anymore. It's replaced with reunion
  • The server isn't built on HLDS anymore, it's upgraded to RE-HLDS which will make it run in a better way.
All bans are gone. Please don't waste your chance as the server detect cheats now.

Rules & Server MOTD Plague - Rules & MOTD

IP : | By midnight the old server will start redirecting to the new one.
There will 1 slot kept for you to check your Ammopacks/Steam ID.