AP's Christmas Present



Christmas is pretty close, and LgK has decided to steal Santa Claus job to give a gift for you all.

Since today, until the 25th of December, We are gifting 2500 ammopacks to all our players, so you can enjoy the Christmas holidays smashing and murdering Zombies in our ZP Server.
To get the AP's, post in this thread using the following format:

  • In-Game Name:
  • SteamID:

The AP's will be given to you once me or any of the other high staff members see you on the server, so please stay patient.

Official Council Information


The council rank has been questioned many times about what we are actually in charge of and what our actual duties are so ill list them here as well as make this the official page to add/remove/edit any council members. As of now we currently have 8 Council members and we don't have plans on adding any more or less. The number of council members will always be try to be 8 or around 8 people.

The Current Council Roster is as follows:

  1. Council members will vote on big community decisions. These decisions are discussed in private in a chat that all of us are in. We vote on things that include but are not limited to: Merges with other communities, possible demotions/promotions, possible admin applications that are controversial, forum ideas, In-Game Ideas, community ideas, and much more. If a Co-Owner+ makes a decision we will vote on the decision.​
  2. We are in charge of appointing Server Managers of servers or Head Admins (if applicable and needed).​
  3. If a Server Manager needs help with any server coding/server issues we will help the best we can.​
  4. We are Overseers of servers and see any conflicts that may arise in servers and we adjust accordingly and eliminate said conflicts​
  5. We are Overseers of the forums. If something needs to be handled that is important to the community, we will take care of that. Ex: Shoutbox spamming, Bots, ect.​
  6. Council members take care of/figure out any other communities hostile plans against the LgK community​
  7. All of us have our own beneficial help to the LgK community in our own way.​
  8. No council member is more powerful than the other. We are all equal and have the same say in anything.​
  9. Council members, even though are considered highest respectable form of rank under Co-Owner, are still responsible for continuing to grow a player base in any game​
  10. Council members can consider a movement into another game and grow the LgK community in other ways that would be discussed with all other members privately.​

Council members cannot resign unless discussed with other members and the reason is dire. Activity/Interest is not an excuse.

Any questions/comments/concerns can be directed to the members listed above. This page will only be moderated/comment on by Council+ members.

These are only some of the decisions that we take care of. We are not limited to only these duties and our power varies in certain situations.

LgK Holiday Sale Spectacular! ZP VIP/ADMIN up to -50% off

Great news for any players looking to fill their holy days with as much mayhem, death and zombies as possible! LgK is knifing and cutting prices for VIP and Admin donations for the holiday period. Get your perks and premiums before Christmas to make the most out of your holiday gaming.

Single Perks
[ZP] Basic Admin | was $8 now only $6 USD (One month) - 25% off
VIP| was $10 now only $7 USD (One month) - 30% off
New! Get one entire year of VIP for just $5 USD monthly*!! Never be a pleb again. - 50% off

LgK Premium
[ZP] Admin + VIP combo (1 Month) | was $15 now only $12 USD for 1 month! - 20% off
Admin + VIP combo (3 Months) | was $40 USD now only $30 USD for 3 months! - 25% off
New! Admin + VIP combo (12 Months) | ONLY $88 USD for 12 months! - 45% off LIMITED TIME OFFER**

* one time payment of $60 for the whole year required in advance.
** Offer is limited. Contact @MachOMan for availability

Players who have already donated for their VIP/Admin perks can contact @MachOMan to extend their VIP/Admin for reduced prices!

P.S. You can donate with SMS by boosting the server. We offer perks through donations by boosting - contact @MachOMan for info.

Happy holidays and good hunting to the whole LgK family!