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Looking for Knowledge Of HTML

Im currently looking for someone that is skilled in the art of HTML, Most of it you can google and its very easy to do. I don't have time to do it all alone and im needing some help on this.

What this will be is to get pages created inside the forums such as rules and other important messages that all members need to see.

Recent additions/changes to forums

Hello fellow females and friends.

I have been working on an addition to the forums by putting back our medals and getting them all added. Currently we have some medals completed and more will be on the way. I'm still taking ideas for medals from you guys! Visit this thread here to give ideas: https://lgkcommunity.com/threads/medals-and-needed-ideas.18836/

I gave myself all the current medals temporarily so you can see what there is. Currently I've given medals to a few people to test/show them. I'm not going to fully give out medals/set up applications for medals until I get them all completed. So far there are a few more medals that I was given ideas for, such as OG and Mic Spammer. I even have one meme medal coming out that I'll keep secret past that. I would like to thank two people for helping with medals @Cockgobbler and @wings. Cockgobbler helped me make the current medals fit into the forum and transparent since I have no experience with photoshop. He also made the veteran badge look very nice and engraved it. And thank you to @wings for agreeing to take on the project of creating more medals to come.

As for other news, some slight permissions were fixed on forums. Everyone can now edit their posts that they have made. Head Admin+ Has unlimited time to edit their posts to fix events and rosters and so on. While Anything below head admin only gets 5 minutes. It should be clear that if you make a post with intent to flame someone to troll them then you edit the post within that 5 minutes to make that person look bad, that will be punished. I'll be adding this into the community rules after writing this up.

And lastly, I'm sure you guys have already noticed by now. @Frank was promoted to forum moderator. He's been doing a great job at cleaning up the forums and making sure things are in check. Frank is doing great at being bipartisan and cleaning up the spam on the forums. I know some people have their own feelings towards Frank, but I've gone through the forums and have seen the posts he's cleaned up and problems he's solved and he's done a great job. So thank you to @Frank for keeping us in check and congratulations!

- Edit

I forgot to mention a big thank you to @ChuckY @Princess99Samantha @wings @IceGirl for helping me test to make sure the rank permissions were done properly!